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AHA G2015 eCard Guide

AHA G2015 BLS High Performance Guide

AED Superstore Buyer's Guide 2016

AHA HS FIRST AID Skills Checklist

AHA BLS Adult/Child Skills Checklist

AHA BLS Infant Skills Checklist

AHA HS Adult/Child Skills Checklists

AHA HS Infant Skills Checklist

US Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2000

There are Certainly More Pieces

of Valuable Legislation that Protect Us to Reference!

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IL Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005

IL Good Samaritan Act AED Addendum of 1998

US Airline Passenger Safety Act of 1998

Our State and Federal Legislative Protection

IL Good Samaritan Act of 1981

US Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2000

IL Good Samaritan Act Addendum of 1998

IL Good Samaritan Act of 1981

AHA G2015 ECC Highlights

Our Downloadable DOCs and PDFs

AHA PAM Book 2017

AHA HS FIRST AID Reference Tools

AHA BLS/HS CPR/AED Reference Tools

AHA HS FIRST AID Course Syllabus


AHA HS CPR/AED Algorithm Tool

AHA BLS CPR/AED Algorithm Tool

AHA SMSI BLS eRoster (New!)

AHA BLS CPR/AED Course Syllabus

AHA HS CPR/AED Course Syllabus

AHA G2015 BLS High Quality Guide