If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any time whether it be day or evening.

- We are encouraging multiple small class sizes versus one or two large ones.
- We are expecting everyone to do proper handwashing BEFORE and AFTER any class.

- We are expecting everyone to regularly use hand sanitizer during any class as needed.
- We are practicing as much social distancing as possible with a relatively large space planned.
- We are requiring any type of universal masking for everyone (which includes over mouth AND nose).

- We are providing NO ventilations at present with the manikins with our regular HS classes.
- We are providing ONLY ventilations at present with the manikins using a BVM with our BLS classes.
- We are utilizing gauze stuffed into the manikin mouths to prevent gross aerosolization into the room air.

​- We are HIGHLY recommending no fan use or the like especially indoors at the present time.

- We are adopting other possible protective measures for everyone's health and safety.
- We are discouraging the sharing of writing utensils and other personal items.
- We are reminding everyone to limit, if not eliminate, any face touching.

Our Pandemic Recommendations

This particular page and pandemic recommendations

are for our instructors who are currently teaching any classes

and for our students who are currently taking any class.

FACT:  Though we ALL are having a learning curve during this time,

we ALL should have a sense of hypervigilance and we ALL should be pandemic-conscious

for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

The following are recommended modifications and health precautions extrapolating from clinical research and public expectations.