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Searcy Medical Solutions, Inc (SMSI) is a full-service emergency medical services (EMS) firm.  We are an emergency medical education company and an independent EMS provider.  With the varied resources of our active healthcare and safety professionals, we provide basic life support (BLS) or CPR/AED and FIRST AID Instructor and Provider Education as well as EMT and EMR Education.  In effect, we create and maintain Community and Corporate Medical Emergency Response Teams (MERTs). In addition, we provide independent EMS support for large community and corporate events, augmenting our clients’ MERTs. 

In providing all of our vital services, we universally strive to follow the absolute principles of accountability, quality and affordability for each and every one of our valuable customers and clients. 

As an American Heart Association Community Training Center, it is our primary duty and goal to consistently increase the awareness of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), encourage the initiation of CPR, and promote the availability of AEDs, with special emphasis in our own communities.  In supporting this vital area of Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC), we achieve our overall purpose to strengthen the AHA’s “Chain of Survival” for the best health and welfare for our family, community and society.

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