Our Most Common FAQs​​

Why does the AHA BLS Instructor Class have to be two days of classroom?​​

We choose for the AHA BLS Instructor Course to be normally two consecutive days because experience over the

past thirty years dictates that most instructor candidates have reported that they are simply not ready

after merely a six-to-eight hour "crash" course and feel significantly rushed during that time period as well.

Why do AHA BLS Instructors need to physically renew their certification?

It is a requirement by the AHA that this company and training center monitor each instructor every two years

minimally. Furthermore, it is important for the training center faculty and the instructor to know that they

are both on the "same page" regarding course logistics, critical skills testing, and instructor skills.

Why does the AHA BLS CPR/AED Initial or Renewal have to be so long?

Currently, the initial provider course can be up to 4-6 hours of classroom depending on several variables

and the renewal provider course can be up to 3-4 hours of classroom, again, depending on several variables.

If any appropriate AHA BLS Instructor conducts a BLS CPR/AED Initial or Renewal Course, it needs to be done

in a manner that is consistent with the AHA Guidelines. A primary example of this is using the current DVD or USB

and having students "practice-while-watch," which is the pinnacle of evidence-based education.

In addition, no content should be missed or skipped for the student to have the most comprehensive education.

Bottom line is the student, whether initial or renewal, should never leave any class without the best

competence and confidence in knowledge and skill. If they do, we fail as instructors.

How do you provide your instructor and provider courses?

​We normally use a combination of PPT and DVD or USB utilizing the pinnacle of evidence-based education

referred to as PWW (practice-while-watching) or VSI (video self-instruction).  In addition, once

all of the students have a relatively firm foundation during the class, we look to instill

the greatest competence and confidence through role-playing some real-life situations

incorporating their new or renewed CPR/AED knowledge and skills, for instance.

When can I expect to receive my completion certification card?

If your course was or is provided by the lead instructor of this TC, Kenneth Searcy, RN, or your course

was or is provided by one of our AHA TSs (Training Sites), you should receive your completion certification

card immediately postclass.

If your course was or is provided by one of our independent AHA BLS Instructors, you should receive your

​completion certification card(s) within two weeks at the maximum.

How long does any instructor or provider completion certification card last?

According to the current guidelines of the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council

(and most other national training organizations), every instructor and provider completion certification

eCard has a recommended renewal date of two years.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, every instructor and provider recognition

certificate has a required renewal date of four years.

Who is the lead instructor for most if not all of your courses?

That would be Kenneth Searcy, RN.  Please click the "About" tab under the "Home" tab above for more information.

What are the costs for the courses provided?

They, of course, would vary and this information can be found by clicking on the "Prices" tab above.

Where are most if not all of your courses held?

They are usually held online and/or ENTIRELY onsite at one of our customer's locations.

They can also be held at our small office space in Downers Grove, IL.

When can your courses be held?

That would be up to our individual clients; however, they could be day or evening AND weekday or weekend.

Sincerely, they could be virtually held any time and any where.  We are happy to accommodate!

Do you provide AHA ACLS or PALS Instructor or Provider Classes?

Our lead instructor, Kenneth Searcy, RN, has been teaching AHA ACLS and PALS Provider Classes

to physicians, paramedics, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for more than 30 years.

He teaches at other TCs, such as Edward Hospital in Naperville and University of Chicago in Chicago.

He also provides these courses independently!  Please contact us if you would like more information.

Who do I contact if I have a compliment OR complaint

with this TC (training center) or another TC?

In the interest of full disclosure, we want to list the contact information for the curricula we use.

Contact information for the American Heart Association can be found at the AHA website.

Their contact information is www.heart.org and their nationwide phone number is 888.AHA.USA1 (888.242.8721).

Contact information for the National Safety Council can be found at the NSC website.

Their contact information is www.nsc.org and their nationwide phone number is 630.775.2106 or 800.621.7615.

Why are any of the AHA HS provider eCards significantly more expensive

as of October 2017 than the AHA BLS CPR/AED provider eCards?

The AHA has found that the supply and demand of HS books and HS eCards were quite unequal. 

Instructors and employers were purchasing far more eCards than books for their students and classes.

Though it IS very cost-effective, it is ultimately unfair to any one student taking any HS provider class.

Every student should have the appropriate book to use before, during and after any class.

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