Jerz Tactical FIRST AID Provider Course

This 3-4 hour course provides the necessary knowledge and skill 
to safely begin care of victims in the aftermath of an "active shooter"

and/or other violent situation and provide life-saving tactical FIRST AID
immediately in any community or workplace setting.  This FIRST AID

and skill can also be applied in the rare event of an accidental shooting

at a range or another area of negligent discharge, for example. 

The areas that WILL BE covered include:

Part I:  Tactical Scene Logistics
- Scene Safety and Situational Awareness

- Environmental Safety and Personal Mitigation

​- Situational Logistics

- Run, Hide and Fight

- Standard Precautions and Phoning 911

- Safe Behavior in the Presence of Law Enforcement

Part II:  Tactical Life Threats

​- Scene Safety and Situational Awareness Review

- Ballistic and Penetrating Emergencies:  Four Life Threats of ABCD

- A:  Airway Control with Practical Application:  Nasal Airway (28fr)
- B:  Sucking Chest Wound with Practical Application:  Chest Seal Bandages

- C:  Bleeding Control with Practical Application:  CAT Tourniquet, Hemostatic Agents, and Israeli Bandage

- D:  Shock Treatment with Practical Application:  Silver Rescue Mylar Blanket

- Treatment Priorities = Equipment/Supply Order

- Tactical FIRST AID Kit (TFAK) vs IFAK Discussion

- Improvisation with Other Available Materials

​Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate will receive
their Jerz Tactical FIRST AID Provider Certificate.